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    Foster Care Link is the only Muslim specialist fostering agency in the UK. Since 2004 we have worked with over seventy Local Authorities across England and Wales to place hundreds of Muslim children with Muslim families. Over our last two Ofsted inspections (2014 and 2018) we have been rated ‘Outstanding’ in all areas.

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    • We work with a wide variety of carers from a diverse range of backgrounds, ethnicities and languages to meet the current demands of fostering. We have many years of in-depth experience in placing Muslim children from ethnic minorities as well as asylum seeking children.



    As a Muslim specialist agency we have developed expertise through many years of working in the field. We have been proud to offer alternative narratives and clear information to Local Authorities. We offer support and guidance to children and young people for a healthier future where their faith is reflected in a holistic manner.



    Years In Operation

    We have built a wealth of knowledge and best practice over the years


    Children & Young People Supported

    We have matched many successful placements for young Muslims


    Local Authorities Worked With

    We are part of the preferred provider network with various local authority clusters

    You Play a Vital Role

    Foster carers look after children in their own homes when for whatever reason their own parents are unable to look after them. Placement durations vary depending on each individual child’s circumstances. Foster carers play a vital role, by caring, safeguarding & helping children to achieve that provides a stable and secure future for them. We specialise in helping Muslim foster carers become acquainted with fostering..

    Even If You Can’t Foster….

    You Can Still Play A Vital Role

    There is a massive need in the UK to Foster Muslim children. There is a shortage of Muslim families coming forward. There are many children waiting for a foster family to care for them.

    Can you also spare a few minutes to think of the hundreds of Muslim children in the care system?
    Please help us to find more families to take in these children. We are looking for the best of the best that are ready for a challenge, and prepared to spend time on giving these children the best life possible.

    Please share this message and our social media links, we need thousands to see it so that we can Insha’Allah find more families to take on this important task.Please kindly make your friends and families aware of the issue of fostering and the need for Muslims to consider becoming foster carers.


    Fostering can be challenging, requiring a high level of commitment and patience but there is a great amount of reward and satisfaction in providing a safe, secure and stable environment for a child. If you are looking for a new challenge, have resilience, patience, kindness and time and space to give to a child, we would love to hear from you.

    Examples of the types of cases we have dealt with include:

    Asylum Seekers

    Many Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC) arrive in the the UK from Muslim countries. These include Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia to name a few. We have worked closely with Local Authorities to place many of these with Muslim families where their faith, dietary needs and language needs can be best met. This results in successful stable placements.

    Identity Preservation

    Many young people are placed in poorly matched placements where their culture and heritage isn’t reflected. We work closely with Local Authorities to move children to better matched families, resulting in stable long-term arrangements. Studies show that placing such children within families that reflect their identity results in better mental health and success for them.

    Forced Marriages

    We have dealt with cases where teenage girls are being forced into marriages which is impacting severely on their wellbeing and mental health. We have been able to educate Local Authorities on the fact that this is against the tenets of the Muslim faith and identify foster families for these girls where they receive support and nurturing care that leads to healthy long-term outcomes.


    We’ve been asked by Local Authorities to assess young people for potential radicalised behaviour. Our senior social worker is also a Muslim scholar. After a detailed assessment, we have moved some young people to practising households where they can study Islam in a healthy way and gain a balanced understanding of their faith. These leads to stable placements and healthy long-term outcomes for such young people.


    We guide you through every step of the process, providing training, help and support to ensure you that you get the best start in becoming a foster carer with FCL

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